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Ed at the now non-existent Ontario Motor Speedway on the outside of turn one. Behind Ed is his good friend and fellow photographer Dale von Trebra.

If you're into cameras, in Ed's lap is a Hasselblad 500EL with a 250mm lens. Hasselblad was the camera that was taken to the moon and shot all of the incredible photographs you saw. It was also the camera of choice for over 90% of the LIFE magazine covers. It is a 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" negative format.

The camera hanging on Ed's shoulder is a motor driven Nikon F Photomic Tn. Nikon was the originator of the first production motor driven camera. Of course the Nikon is 35mm format. Ed still owns both of these cameras.

At the age of 12, Ed received his first camera as a gift from his mom & dad. The camera being a rangefinder style fixed lens Konica Auto S2. The following year, he was selected as one of three students to man an experimental darkroom at his junior high school. Ed was spurred on by his father who had always had a great love of photography.

At 14, he was shooting at local racetracks in Southern California; like the NHRA Winternationals at Pomona Raceway, Irwindale Dragstrip, Ontario Motor Speedway, Riverside International Raceway and others. By 15 he had truly become a fixture at the local race tracks as one of the "regulars" and turned "pro". Obviously this was before Ed had his drivers license, so usually he had to rely on getting a ride to the tracks from his dad or one of his uncles. All of this was a natural progression as he was part of a well known racing family and had already spent the better part of his childhood around race tracks.

But recording the events through the lens of a camera added another dimension. Now after over 40 years of shooting, Ed is able to share some of his photos via the Internet. You might recognize many from magazines or advertisements where they have previously appeared. Ed was a regular contributor to many of the Petersen Publishing magazines including CAR CRAFT and HOT ROD, in addition to the popular and legendary DRAG RACING USA, DRAG NEWS, and NATIONAL DRAGSTER.

In addition to his photography, Ed became the track writer for Irwindale Raceway at 16, writing the weekly coverage of track activities for NHRA's NATIONAL DRAGSTER and DRAG NEWS.

“Just for the record, Ed Justice, Jr. has been a valued freelance drag racing photographer for our Specialty Publications Division of Petersen Publishing Co. during the past couple of years. Now it has come to our attention that he has received a third moving violation. Hopefully something can be worked out to prevent his driver’s license from being revoked. This action would severely hamper his ability to take and sell photographs to us as well as other automotive publications. And if his driving record improves to the extent as that of his photographic skill has, chances are his name will rarely grace the signature portion of a traffic citation again.”

- Gray Baskerville, in a letter to the Court asking for leniency for Ed who had just received his drivers license 3 months earlier at 16 years of age.

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Ed Justice, Jr. / Photographer

Watch the short documentary below to hear Ed talk about his
life in photography and what photography means to him.

The stamp that appeared on the back of Ed’s photographs in the 1960’s and 70’s.