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Ed Justice, Jr. leads memorial for aviation test pilot legend and American hero, Russell E. Schleeh

One of the most humbling experiences one can have is being asked to lead a memorial for a person who you not only admire, but served their country in a significant way. Ed was honored to be asked to lead the memorial for Colonel Russell E. Schleeh. Colonel Russell E. Schleeh tested nearly every bomber from America's war-winning B-17 Flying Fortress to its strategic workhorse, the B-52 Stratofortress, during his 20 years in the United States Air Force.

Schleeh learned to fly in 1940 under the Civilian Pilot Training Program while working as an apprentice aircraft mechanic. As an aviation cadet in 1941, he sought fighters, but found his niche in bombers. Amoung those who gave tribute were racing legend Dan Gurney and General Chuck Yeager, both longtime friends of Colonel Schleeh.

Ed Justice, Jr. conducts memorial for Indy 500 legend, Jerry Grant

Ed was honored to be the master of ceremonies for a fitting and well-attended memorial for Indy 500 legend Jerry Grant. The memorial was held at the Riverside International Automotive Museum in Riverside, California. This location was not far from the Ontario Motor Speedway where Jerry became the first driver to drive a lap in excess of 200 MPH in an Indy racing car in 1972. Jerry who was a longtime friend of Ed and his family was also known for a long career in all forms of motorsports, ending as the motorsports representative for Champion Spark Plugs.

Ed Justice, Jr. Made honorary member of the Middletown Pacemakers hot rod club

During the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California, Ed was presented with an honorary membership with the Middletown Pacemakers of Middletown, Ohio. Ed was honored to be acknowledged by the Pacemakers who are representative of the thousands of hot rod clubs across the United States.

Ed interviews Sports Car and LeMans legend Derek Bell at the Napa Valley Reserve Legends of Motorsports

Once again Ed was honored to be selected to interview this years Napa Valley Reserve Legend of Motorsport. This years honoree was the legendary Ferrari and Porsche driver, Derek Bell. Derek who is well-known for his accomplishments at the 24 Hours of LeMans set the stage for an entertaining night.

Ed presents recently signed Porsche driver Connor DePhillippi with Justice Brothers 2013 calendar

Connor DePhillippi, who has been associated with Justice Brothers since the age of 5 was recently signed to drive for Porsche in Europe. In celebration of the occasion, Ed presented Connor with a early copy of the 2013 Justice Brothers Racing Calendar in which he is featured.

Ed Justice, Jr. joins discussion panel at Art Center College of Design

In the world when you mention automotive design the name Art Center will always come up. Ed who formerly headed his own series of classes at Art Center was asked to join a panel discussion about the transfer of technology from racing to the street. The panel was headed by Art Center Transportation Chairman Stewart Reed. Also on the panel were noted automotive designers Peter Brock and Trevor Harris along with racing industry member Gary Schroeder. (Pictured at left, from left to right, Stewart Reed, Trevor Harris and Ed)

Former ROAD & TRACK magazine staff get together at tribute for Thos Bryant at Motor Press Guild banquet

Former Editor-in-Chief of ROAD & TRACK magazine Thos Bryant was afforded a beautiful tribute at the Motor Press Guild banquet held at the Petersen Automotive Museum. Many of the former members of the magazine were in attendance and set-up a sort of reunion. Ed who was the voice of ROAD & TRACK magazine on radio and also won the MPG Dean Batchelor Best of the Year award was able to renew old friendships.

The Art of Drag Racing Photography through the Lens of Ed Justice Jr. featured in a recent issue of DRAG RACER magazine

While Ed has photographed just about anything and everything with an engine, a considerable amount of his time behind the camera was spent photographing the ground shaking action at drag strips. DRAG RACER magazine, a leader in covering drag racing action, recently ran a multi-page article featuring some of Ed’s work.

The photography of Ed Justice, Jr. is featured in the new book on Indy 500 Legend Parnelli Jones

The well received new book on Indy 500 & racing legend Parnelli Jones features some of the photography of Ed Justice, Jr. Parnelli and Ed have been friends for over 40 years. In fact Parnelli received trophies from Ed’s dad when he started out his driving career, driving jalopies in Southern California.