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Ed, Gus & Zeke are pictured in the pits at the Indy 500 during their first visit to the track in 1946. This was the first race after World War II. The track had sat dormant during the war. Zeke was working on a team in 1946. The Justice Brothers are behind the car on the right hand side. From left to right, Zeke, Ed and Gus on crutches. Gus had been paralyzed from the waist down from a automobile accident at 19 years of age.

The first car the Justice Brothers sponsored at the Indy 500 was Bayliss Levrett's entry in 1949. Bayliss finished 24th due to a mechanical failure. It was a Kurtis-Kraft 2000 with a Offy engine for power. Zeke was a member of the crew also. He is behind the car on the left end.

By 1950 the Justice Brothers ended up in victory lane with a car driven by Johnnie Parsons and owned and built by Frank Kurtis. Frank had been their former boss and offered them the opportunity to sponsor his car in December of 1949. Zeke was Frank's first employee when he started Kurtis-Kraft. Ed joined Zeke at Kurtis-Kraft after he was discharged from his service in World War II.

Johnnie would later work for the Justice Brothers as a sales rep. The letter that Frank wrote Zeke offering the sponsorship deal is below.

The letter sent by Frank Kurtis to Zeke Justice offering them the sponsorship of his 1950 Indy 500 entry. Frank with his driver Johnnie Parsons had finished 2nd in 1949 and had won the National Championship. The car was unsponsored. When the Justice Brothers agreed to put together the money for the sponsorship in 1950, they became Frank Kurtis' first sponsors.

Frank was a life-long friend of the Justice Brothers and would stop by their offices until he passed away in 1987. The cars built in his shop won more championships and races than Ferrari, Bugatti and Lotus combined.

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